From Hill to Sea

Sacrilege, Glasgow Green, 5th May 2012

It is futile to search in our theories of architecture or dérive for any other motive than the passion for play.

Guy Debord (1)

As we enter Glasgow Green, my daughter takes aim, like an archer pulling a bowstring and points to the horizon. “There it is!”  We both follow the trajectory of the imaginary arrow and gaze over the vast expanse of green common land.  From all directions,  ant-like threads of people are drifting towards the iconic structure of Stonehenge sitting in the landscape.  The lines of people are converging and congregating around the monument and we can hear the distant sounds of carnival.  Feeling the totemic pull of the stones, we set off to join them.  This is why we have come.

Except this Stonehenge is Jeremy Deller’s ultimate bouncy castle version. An interactive art installation named Sacrilege and part of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. …

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