One of the many unconventional features of Joyce’s entirely unconventional Ulysses is the lack of chapter numbers or titles. Aside from three Book divisions clearly marked with I, II, and III, Joyce’s pages do not give the reader any way of naming a particular episode. A title schema drawn from Homer’s Odyssey has long stood in for this deficiency, at least for those who have studied Ulysses. But these names do not appear in the novel itself and are, therefore, useless Greek to the average reader encountering the novel for the first time.

Wouldn’t discussion of Ulysses between all manner of readers be enhanced if everyone used a simpler, more intuitive naming scheme for the episodes, rather than one that requires specialized knowledge and memorization? The book has 18 episodes that can be detected on the printed page by page breaks and capitalization. Why not just refer to the episodes by number?

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