This is the show I’m doing in Las Vegas March 31-April 7 at The MGM Grand (tix on sale next week) about 2 hours fa from web

It’s official, I will be at MGM’s Crazy Horse Paris in Las Vegas March 31-April 7 (dark april 6), ticket info TBA here soon! about 3 hours fa from UberTwitter

Went to see the Lido in Paris tonight! ♥ those long-legged, high-kicking Bluebell Girls! Gorgeous! 12:13 AM Feb 12th from UberTwitter

Rest in peace, Mr. McQueen. 5:06 PM Feb 11th from UberTwitter – Aleister in Madame Figaro 11:55 AM Feb 11th from TwitPic

Aleister the cat has a big head over his portrait in Madame Figaro this month. 2:28 AM Feb 11th from UberTwitter

Saw Tom Ford’s A Single Man last night at the Paris premiere. It was visually stunning, great performance by Colin Firth. 11:57 AM Feb 10th from web

Big beautiful snowflakes falling on Paris!! 11:00 AM Feb 10th from UberTwitter

Happy birthday to Carmen Miranda! RT @alissongothzzzz: @DitaVonTeese Yaaay! Today is Carmen Miranda’s birthday! ❤ 2:51 PM Feb 9th from UberTwitter

RT@afterellen: A Quickie with @ditavonteese: Those lesbian photos, judging “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, drag vs. burlesque 7:15 PM Feb 8th from UberTwitter

I’m up bright & early this morning in London for a big circus-themed photo shoot! 9:14 AM Feb 8th from UberTwitter

TV program on- 50 years of great flamenco singers… 1960s,70s… The hair! The eyeliner! The lips! Oh the glamour!!!! Beyond. 12:04 AM Feb 8th from UberTwitter

It’s me! RT@fashion_gun: @DitaVonTeese OMG!-thanks for the reply! my mom doesn´t believe me ,thinks,your PR-team had written it and not you. 5:02 PM Feb 7th from UberTwitter



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