Rockin good news. The @DowntownIndie is screening Wild at Heart for Valentine’s Day. about 18 hours fa from web

Have you seen the latest episode of Interview Project? Follow at 11:23 AM Feb 11th from web

 Also, someone said they missed the Thought of the Day. Hopefully it will come back. 10:54 AM Feb 9th from web

Would like to know if @elecray7k is still snowed in and if he still needs beer and eggs? 10:53 AM Feb 9th from web

Dear Twitterers, How was your weekend? I cut two pieces of Douglas Fir &fashioned them for a small cabinet. Sorry I’ve been away. 12:23 PM Feb 8th from web 

Just a reminder, Donovan’s live concert starts in a few minutes. Stream it at 11:22 AM Jan 24th from web

my friend Donovan is doing a live concert this Sunday at 11:30am PST/8:30pm CET. You can stream it at 6:26 PM Jan 22nd from web

ebertchicago  David Lynch’s grim L.A. weather report for today. 3:31 PM Jan 21st from web Ritwittato da DAVID_LYNCH e da 100+ altri  

I had a great birthday in spite of the rain. Thanks everyone. 12:14 PM Jan 21st from web

@rainnwilson Happy birthday to you, too, Rainn. 11:02 AM Jan 20th from web in risposta a rainnwilson

 Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. 11:01 AM Jan 20th from web

 I plan to cut strips of Douglas Fir for trim on plywood and apply Fix-All on a large canvas. What are you doing this weekend? 6:36 PM Jan 15th from web

 Last day to help an Interview Project team member by rating his portfolio. Click the stars at the bottom of the pg 1:35 PM Jan 13th from web

 Please click the link to nominate Interview Project for a streamy award in the best reality/documentary category. 2:27 PM Jan 12th from web

 Hundreds of you are showing your support for the Gehry-designed cultural center in Lodz. Let’s make it thousands. #Lodz 3:43 PM Jan 9th from web

 If you support a new cultural center in Lodz, please retweet this using #Lodz. Let’s see the power of Twitter at work. 10:03 AM Jan 9th from web

 They are demanding a re-vote with a positive, common sense outcome. They need your support. #Lodz 10:03 AM Jan 9th from web

Right now my friends from the Camerimage Film Festival & well-wishers for the future of Lodz are staging a sit-in in the city council room. 10:03 AM Jan 9th from web

This is, in my opinion, going to keep Lodz back from being all it should be & can be. #Lodz 10:03 AM Jan 9th from web   

Politics have intervened & the city council has voted against the new center. #Lodz



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